30. Bölüm

Rating :7.3

Against the backdrop of the beautiful and mystical city of Midyat, Miran Aslanbey asks for Reyyan Şadoğlu's hand and marries her only to leave her the morning after the wedding. Miran leaves against the longing of his heart, only to fulfill a 27-year-old revenge plan concocted by his grandmother, Azize Aslanbey, against the Şadoğlu family and specifically Reyyan's father Hazar Şadoğlu whom Azize claims has killed Miran's parents in cold blood. Unable to calm his heart, Miran decides to go back and claim Reyyan who according to the customs of her community must be killed now that she is rejected by her husband. Will Reyyan accept Miran? Can Miran find a way to calm the world he has thrown into turmoil? Will their sublime love find a way to survive the rivalries of the two prominent families of Midyat?

Season : 2

Episode Number : 18

Duration : 120 minutes

Type : Scripted

Language : Turkish

Network :

Genre(s) :



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